Why are patterns made on a computer better?

Making patterns on a CAD system such as ours allows for very precise drafting and measurements. But the real advantage is that each pattern is stored on the computer and adjustments can be made very quickly and easily. You can also create new styles from old ones much faster than you can do it on paper. If you have ever made patterns by hand, you know how time consuming simply tracing and cutting out the new pieces can be even if you only made minor changes. Finally, hard copies of patterns get so dog-eared, bent, and generally abused that new copies have to be made often. If your pattern is stored on a computer, printing new copies takes seconds—not hours—and the copy matches the original exactly. Hand tracing can create slight differences from copy to copy, which accumulate over time and change the dimensions of the garment. Finally, if you use multiple freelance pattern makers, you probably have a problem with sizing and fit varying from pattern to pattern. Using a CAD system eliminates this problem.

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